Hydroponics & Aquaponics at the Gold Coast

ICESC2015 will be held at the at  the Pavilion Convention Centre, Gold Coast Jupiter’s, Australia, from 5-8 July 2015. This International Soilless Culture Symposium will focus on Hydroponics and Aquaponic systems under cover and outdoors and will be held under the auspices of the ISHS Commission Plant Substrates & Soilless Culture.

The general program will consist of three days of Symposia in Plenary sessions, Poster and Oral sessions as well as welcome cocktails, symposia dinner and full day of farm and technical visits.

General Symposium Topics

• Worldwide impact of systems for soilless culture and aquaponics undercover and outdoors.

• Emission reduction of nutrients, waste products and plant protection products to the environment.

• Aquaponics: the combination of soilless plant production (hydroponics) and aquaculture (controlled production of aquatic animals) • Water use efficiency and nutrient management.

• New analytical methods.

• Measuring, control and automation.

• Microbiological populations and beneficial predators in hydroponics and aquaponics.

• Root disease management of hydroponic systems.

• Organic hydroponics.

• Energy use efficiency of hydroponic systems.

• Plant Factories and optimising light spectra.

The Call for oral and poster abstracts has been extended to 5 January 2015.

For more details go to: http://www.ishs.org/symposium/425

Posted 2 December 2014