IGPA incorporated in Potting Soil Manufacturers Association

1 January 2014 saw the incorporation of IGPA, the International Growing Media Producers Association, in the Vereniging Potgrondfabrikanten Nederland (Association of Potting Soil Producers in the Netherlands). IGPA’s current members – Cultilène, GRODAN and Jongkind BV – have come to the agreement that their joint interests can be better and more efficiently promoted via the larger, more decisive VPN.

The VPN’s general members’ meeting also regard the growing media producers’ accession as a good move that will strengthen the association. The expansion of the range of growing media, the increase in scale of the sector’s activities and its on-going internationalisation, have only intensified the need for joint lobbying on several levels.

One of the shared interests is a sound system for testing, securing and certifying product quality. VPN and IGPA have already cooperated with the independent certification organisations RHP and KIWA, respectively, in that context. RHP’s adoption of the assessment guideline of the KIWA product certificate for mineral-wool products has brought about harmonisation in the field of quality assurance too. The RHP quality mark is the basis for the quality systems of all the VPN members. The independent certification for the RHP quality mark is carried out by the certification organisations ECAS and KIWA.

On 1 January the VPN’s board was expanded from three to four seats. The IGPA’s former secretary Kees Struijk (GRODAN) now represents the mineral-substrate branch in the board.

For any questions, contact: Kees Struijk, former secretary of the IGPA, kees.struijk@grodan.com

Roelof Buisman, chairman of the VPN, r.buisman@jiffygroup.com

Posted 21 March 2014