Insect killing nematodes

Ecogrow has recently completed 10 years of trading and has now entered a new phase of management and ownership. Ecogrow was formed in 1999 to commercialise CSIRO technology.

Its facility is specifically designed to produce insect killing nematodes, and has a range of specialised equipment and experience with producing nematodes for over 10 years commercially.

Gnatnem (Steinernema feltiae) are natural predators and Ecogrow’s flagship nematode used in the hydroponics industry. They are a most effective solution for the control of fungus gnat. Easily applied, the microscopic nematodes actively seek out and kill fungus gnat larvae before they do damage, then breed and continue their control process.

Ecogrow is currently collaborating in three projects during 2011:

Protecting Australia’s pine plantations from exotic pests and climate change. Project LP100100136 with approved funding of $285,000. The partner organisations are the National Sirex Coordination Committee, NSW DPI, Forests NSW and Forestry Tasmania. Administered by Charles Sturt University, the organisation has been supplying nematodes and Arnylostereum fungus.

Biochemical manipulation to long-term storage and transport of nematodes for the biological control of Sirex. The experimentation is in conjunction with Robin Bedding and Mike Lacey, Honorary Fellows, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences. Ecogrow cultured flasks for the experiments in finding the optimum concentration of glycerol for storing nematodes under refrigeration.

Soil-borne biocontrol on Western flower thrips in cut flowers. Queensland Primary Industries & Fisheries, Department of Employment, Economic Development & Innovation. Project FL09007. Ecogrow will be supplying Steinernema feltiae for the trial work and based on a measurable control will be helping to implement a commercial application method.

More information on Entomopathogenic Nematodes commercially produced can be found on Ecogrow’s website (

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