International Horti Congress 2011

The first official International Horti Congress is being held on Tuesday 1 November, the first day of the Horti Fair. The congress theme is ‘Water’, the congress chair is Agnes van Ardenne and internationally famous speakers include Martin Kropff, Gene Giacomelli, Kees Reinink and Peter Westerveld. The Horti Congress will offer solutions for global challenges like the lack of good water.

The 1-day congress will be chaired by Agnes van Ardenne, former Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation, and permanent representative of The Netherlands at the FAO (the food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations) in Rome until the summer of 2011. She is also chair of The Netherlands Product Board for Horticulture. As the introductory speaker, she will discuss worldwide challenges such as food scarcity, water, clean energy and well-being.

Speakers at the International Horti Congress will come from every continent. Professor Gene Giacomelli from the University of Arizona in the US, is a leading scientist with an impressive track record, in greenhouse horticulture in particular. Prof. Dr Martin Kropff is rector magnificus of the WUR (Wageningen University & Research Centre) and he will speak on global food problems and the role played by the exchange of knowledge. Kees Reinink, Research & Development Director at Rijk Zwaan, will be setting out the possibilities offered by scientific and practical genetics. ‘Rehydrating the desert’ is the mission of the Naga Foundation, and its director Peter Westerveld will be giving a presentation that includes the experience gained in Australia. An expert from the Middle East will also discuss the essential expansion of efficient use of water. Chairman for the day Agnes van Ardenne will finally close the International Horti Congress, which is being held from 4:00pm to 6:30pm on 1 November as part of the Horti Fair in the Amsterdam RAI.

Tickets (to the value of €295) can be reserved via the Horti Fair website ( There is a special arrangement for Horti Fair participants and their guests. The congress language is English and all those attending can collaborate on the production of the digital congress document via social media and the Internet.

The first official International Horti Congress is an initiative by Horti Fair. Rijk Zwaan is the main sponsor and Flynth consultants & accountants, Saint-Gobain Cultilène BV and Wageningen UR are co-sponsors. The Horti Fair is being held in the Amsterdam RAI from 1 to 4 November inclusive.

For more information contact:
Frans-Peter Decheringor
Ph: 06-24431639