Introduction to Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Staff in the livestock research branch of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development have teamed up with Lethbridge College and the Alberta Aquaculture Association to present the Introduction to Aquaculture and Aquaponics Workshop at the Lethbridge College Aquaculture Centre of Excellence on 25 and 26 October 2013.

Fish farming – more specifically known as aquaculture is gaining a reputation as the next great agricultural revolution. Worldwide, farmed fish has recently surpassed beef in worldwide production statistics.

The course includes an introduction to aquaculture (fish farming) and, an added feature, aquaponics, which is the practice of combining a conventional fish farm with hydroponics to grow fish and plant products in a very efficient system.

Whether looking at aquaculture and aquaponics as a commercial venture or on a smaller scale, and whether you have no previous experience or have a basic knowledge already, this workshop will provide a wealth of beneficial, up-to-date information.

The workshop is being taught by a team which includes biologists, pathologists, technicians, business development officers, aquaponics researchers and fish farm managers. Some of the topics being covered include:

  • Licencing
  • Business planning
  • Markets
  • Design and management of farming systems (ponds to indoor intensive)
  • Feed and nutrition
  • Unique equipment
  • Water quality
  • Fish and plant growth techniques
  • Health

Registration for the two-day workshop is $420 (including GST). The workshop includes a good balance of class room, lab and tour content. Participants will also receive a detailed information and reference package.

For further information and to register, contact Dan Watson, provincial aquaculture biologist with Alberta Agriculture, at Ph: +1 403-381-5850 or Charlie Shultz, with Lethbridge College, at +1 403-320-3202 ext. 5358.

1 October 2013