Issue 116: Gompers Science Curriculum

Miss Nia Gamble’s (top left) fifth grade class.

In Chicago USA, children at an inner city school are learning hydroponic cultivation techniques under an exciting curriculum-guided science program.

By Christine Paul
Images by Cherie Schrader

In early October 2010, students at Gompers Fine Arts Option School in Chicago, USA, planted their first hydroponic seedlings under an innovative program developed and led by steadyGROWpro, at Kokomo, an Indiana-based company that manufactures and distributes an indoor, soilless plant-growing product used by home and professional gardeners and hydroponic growers.

Around 200 fourth -, fifth – and seventh -grade students at the school followed the Life Science curriculum, which was entirely funded by the company and developed by  steadyGROWpro’s Dr Pawan Srivastava, an experienced scientist and successful creator of innovative hydration products used throughout the global floral industry.

Dr P uses the periodic table of elements to teach horticulture to students.

Science Fair fourth-through eighth-grade participants.

Dr Srivastava (or Dr P as he is known) joined steadyGROWpro parent company Syndicate Sales in 1994 as a research scientist and today oversees research and development in new product initiatives for steadyGROWpro.

During his time at the company, he has formulated and developed their line of products that includes Aquaplus© the Difference is Clear, Aquahold©Pro, Hydraplus©, Hydraquik© and Aquafinish Clear©.

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