Know more, grow more

Forston Labs has announced a new product for the hydroponics industry to easily and accurately measure the strength of indoor lighting. Forston’s Lux Meter plugs right into the Lab Navigator and immediately provides information on exactly how much light plants are getting. While Forston’s Spectrophotometer provides feedback on the spectrum or colour of the bulb’s output, the Lux Meter also provides a measure of the intensity and placement of the light source.

Lux is a measurement of lumens per square metre – not just total lumens but the amount of light that is reaching a particular surface within the entire area that is lit. The user will know the bulb manufacturer’s output in lumens, however, it is more difficult to measure how much is hitting a particular plant and how far away the plant should be from the light source. It is often difficult to determine when the light bulb starts to degrade and when it needs to be replaced as suggested by the bulb manufacturer.

With Forston’s Lux Meter and the Lab Navigator, the user can determine all of this to optimise the lighting component of the growing process. Couple the Lux Meter with Forston’s other tools such as sensors for pH, EC, temperature, carbon dioxide etc., and optimise every facet of the growing operation.

Measurements are stored with specific date, time and location so that trends can be identified and monitored over time. No longer is manual note-taking necessary to determine what was done differently during seasons that made the grow-cycle better or worse. All the measurements are uploaded from the Lab Navigator to the PC (into Excel or any data management system), or simply stored in the Lab Navigator for future reference. Notes can be input alongside the measurement files or an onboard microphone may be used for comments if the grower wants to include them as the status of a crop is being assessed.

For further information contact:
Forston Labs, LaDonna Herrera
Ph: +1 (970) 237-4389