Kookaburra Group gives new hope to Australian farmers

The launch of The Kookaburra Group Australia Limited (TKG) has in recent times seen some hope restored to the Australian farming community, with their intended plans to set up a major national retail network to supply all Australian, produce and products to the Australian consumer.

It’s clear that there is room in the Australian food and beverage sector, a $100 billion dollar plus market segment, that is up to 80% dominated by the Woolworths and Coles duopoly, for a new  player to enter the game.

“Everyone is aware that Australian farmers and producers have been living on struggle street for some time, everyone knows that the dearth of competition for farmers to supply to has also led to… well less than desirable contract supply arrangements, everyone knows that grocery prices have been going through the roof, and everyone knows the two majors are making massive profits, so it’s not really rocket science to come up with a better plan,” says Allen St James, CEO of The Kookaburra Group Australia Limited.

Using a direct from farm/producer to store operation model and redefining the supply chain dynamics TKGs branded ‘Kookas Markets’ retail centres will be able to pay a better farm gate price for produce, be competitive for customers and still make a good profit, it’s a win, win, win situation says St James.

Kookas isn’t the only one to discover this fact. Aussie Farmers Direct have proved that good produce, fair farm gate and suppler prices and happy customers can and do go hand in hand. The roll out of a new national grocery chain also isn’t new, you only have to look at the Aldi phenomenon to see this in action.

A large number of Australian farmers, producers and manufacturers have already registered with the group to become potential suppliers when their retail operations begin in 2012.

Given the opportunity most consumers would prefer to buy Australian, buy fresh and

support Australian farmers and businesses. The reality is though, until now, there has been

no trusted, accessible and fairly priced option for them to do so. Kookas is setting up to take this challenge on.

For further information contact:

Allen St James, The Kookaburra Group Australia Limited

Ph: 0457 322 888

Email: allen@thekookaburragroup.com  Ω