Lab Navigator Package for hydroponics

Forston Labs has introduced a new Lab Navigator Package for hydroponic operations to efficiently measure, balance and control the major factors effecting plant growth. With its award-winning, hand-held Lab Navigator at the core, Forston provides sensors for carbon dioxide, pH, temperature, soil moisture, relative humidity, light intensity and light spectrum – all measured simultaneously providing quantifiable insights into a grower’s light, nutrient levels, air and status of the growing medium.

The Lab Navigator has been an industry standard in the educational world for over 25 years, and with proven success in water and environmental measuring, it is a natural solution for the hydroponics industry. While pH, temperature and other meters already exist, the ability to take all the necessary measurements at one time, through one device, with only one interface saves time, money, and training. This eliminates having personnel carry around multiple meters with multiple ways to measure.

More importantly, all the measurements are stored with specific date, time and location so that trends can be identified and monitored over time. No longer is manual note-taking necessary to determine what was done differently during seasons that made the grow-cycle better or worse. All the measurements are uploaded from the Lab Navigator to the PC (into Excel or any data management system), or simply stored in the Lab Navigator for future reference. Notes can be input alongside the measurement files or an on-board microphone may be used for comments if the grower wants to include them as the status of a crop is being assessed.

The unit comes with the Lab Navigator, pH sensor, and temperature sensor. Additional options may be added for carbon dioxide, various light measurements, conductivity, nitrates, potassium, etc.

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