Labour-saving devices

Labour-saving devices are tools that reduce the amount of effort required by people to accomplish a task. They are machines and instruments designed to reduce costs and increase profits in an increasingly competitive market. STEVEN CARRUTHERS spotlights an easy-to-use grafting machine designed to mechanise grafting and increase profitability.

graftingBy grafting, you are using the best of both worlds, namely, the strong root balls from one species and the plant of the vegetable you want to grow, to achieve the best results. Now, a new easy-to-use grafting machine, available in Australia from Victorian-based Powerplants, promises to deliver savings in time and costs for growers, particularly nursery growers.

The new EMP-300 grafting machine is able to graft vegetables at high speed, while staying reliable and ensuring quality by using flexible clips. The design is specifically focused on allowing the grafting to be efficient and simple, with mechanical features, which allow easy adjustment to be made to the grafting machine. This user-friendly grafting machine is able to graft 400 to 600 plants per hour.

Adjustable to different cutting configurations (30º to 40º), the EMP-300 can be used by any operator for different types of plants and root stock. The knives to cut the stem are easy to change, and the cutting unit can be adjusted to cut at different angles. The unit also dispenses a disinfection application and the cycle can be adjusted, depending on work patterns.

The clips are made of flexible material, especially designed for solid fixation. They are available in different diameters, and come in pre-packed rolls. A clip roller comes with the machine and cuts the clip at the grafting moment.

The EMP-300 grafting machine is designed to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability in every grafting plant. Its magic is its simplicity.

Another labour system Powerplants supplies is the PrivAssist labour management system, with all data registered by the workers themselves using the Smartline Readers. The readers are designed to remove any language barriers when registering operations. What’s more, as the workers are registering their own tasks, this makes them accountable for data collected. The PrivAssist makes labour management much easier and makes everyone accountable.

Other labour-saving equipment handled by Powerplants includes the WPS Multi-Move Benches, which adds to their already wide range of benches. In addition to optimising growing space, the Multi-Move Benches are able to move plants throughout the whole nursery, also making it a labour-saving transportation system. WPS also offer a solution to staff inefficiency with the WPS conveyors—the conveyors increase staff efficiency and provide the ability to respond to customer orders much faster!

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12 August 2013