Le-Fresh Greenhouse grand opening

E.E Muir & Sons (the exclusive Australian distributor for Cultilene), in conjunction with Le-Fresh Hydroponics, recently celebrated the grand opening of the Le-Fresh greenhouse facility in Virginia, South Australia. Delegates, including a large contingent of Vietnamese growers, arrived from far and wide to get an insight into the benefits of growing with Cultilene Stonewool.

Representatives from Cultilene, Syngenta, Campbells / Valagro were on hand for discussion/advice on their respective product ranges. The highlight of the day was a greenhouse presentation/demonstration by Kim Harding (Australian/New Zealand Cultilene Technical Manager), who explained the importance of working with the ‘Cultilene Framework’ to be in total control over the substrate to achieve the best possible quality and production:

  • Using the substrate calculator to design the optimal slab type, layout and volume
  • Using the right dose size range for the volume selected
  • Correct positioning of the drainage slits for Cultilene slabs
  • The importance and best way of using the hand water content and EC meter for slab registration and steering
  • The options for fixed continuous water content meters for the slabs
  • A daily irrigation strategy looking at the different periods of the day
  • A season irrigation strategy based on the critical crop periods.

The hosts for the day, Tracey and Van, were very happy with the turnout and are excited about their development and the results they are achieving with Cultilene. The site doubles as a demonstration site for Cultilene.

For growers looking at the possibilities of growing with Cultilene, visits can be arranged by contacting Tracey on Ph: 0438 998 848. For all your protected cropping requirements, contact Australia’s leading hydroponic supplier – E.E. Muir & Sons:  Burton Branch: (08) 8270-8079; Virginia Branch: (08) 8380-8323; or  David Sobevski – National Hydroponics Manager: (03) 9931-220; Website: www.eem.com.au