Major changes to Growool supply

CSR Bradford has sold their rockwool factory, which produced rigid Growool slabs. Some of these were Growool plain slabs for direct sale. Others went to the Growool Horticultural Systems factory in Sydney, which made all the processed Growool products, such as propagating blocks, wrapped cubes, etc.

The new owner will no longer supply Growool base product. Consequently, when current stocks run out, Growool Horticultural Systems will cease selling rigid Growool products. Current stocks are expected to last for several more months. This change is obviously outside the control of Growool Horticultural Systems, who regret any inconvenience that may be caused, and will make every endeavour to ensure any disruption to customers’ businesses is minimised.

Growool Premium Floc is a loose rockwool product manufactured in Australia. This popular product will continue to be produced and to be sold by Growool Horticultural Systems.

For further information contact:
Rick Donnan/Rosemary Viggers,
Growool Horticultural Systems Pty Ltd,
PO Box 120, Kurmond, NSW 2757 Australia
Ph: (02) 4567-7685 Fax: (02) 8569-1064