Mexican Hydroponics Congress 2015

A9RAC7FThe Mexican Hydroponic Association has resheduled the 9th International Congress Course and Hydroponics at the College of Civil Engineering Mexico (CICEM), in the State of Toluca, for 15-17 October 2015. This biennial Congress will have a strong focus on urban hydroponics, vertical gardens and ‘Simplified’ hydroponic techniques.

“It is predicted that 70% of the population will live in urban areas by 2050,” said Gloria Samperio Ruiz, President of the Mexican Hydroponic Association.

“No doubt, the demand for agricultural products will be insufficient to meet the great needs of these urban areas. Agriculture in the cities will also have important benefits for food security,” she said.

“Simplified techniques allows anyone to do it,” she added.

The Congress is targeted at producers, trainers, educators and users of all levels of soilless cultivation technology to produce low-cost fruits, flowers and vegetables. Previous Congresses have been attended by consultants and experts influencing the food industry, hydroponic growers, experienced specialists and researchers, importers and exporters, young students and industry professionals, wholesalers and distributors, representatives from government agencies, suppliers of packaging materials and representatives from supermarkets and the food service sector.

International speakers include Prof. Dr Agri. Fritz-Gerald Schoeder (Professor for Horticultural Science at the University of Dresden, Germany), Heinier Lieth (greenhouse and nursery crop ecologist, University of California, USA), Graeme Smith (hydroponic consultant, Australia), Laurie Ferguson Ruberg (, USA), James W Brown (vegetable crop specialist, USA), Wignaraja Kanapathi (plant nutrition and environmental plant science specialist, USA), Dr Alfredo Rodríguez Delfín (Department of Biology, Faculty of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru), and Dr Pedro Furlani (research scientist and author, Brazil). The program also include many speakers from the host country.

For more information contact: Asociación Hidropónica Mexicana A.C., Av. Lerdo Poniente 862, Col. Electricistas Locales, Toluca Estado de México; Ph/Fax: +52 (722)2 15 81 54; Email: or; Website:

Posted 21 March 2015