Multigrow greenhouse control system

New Zealand-based Autogrow Systems has been designing and manufacturing greenhouse controllers for over 20 years. During this time, the company has developed many advanced techniques for reliably measuring and controlling some of the more difficult aspects of greenhouse operation. All of this knowledge has been incorporated into the new Multigrow system, making for a very user friendly system.

By setting up a wi-fi system with coverage over the main growing areas of the farm, the grower can stroll through the farm with iPad in hand observing readings, changing settings and calibrating sensors.

The Multigrow serves standard interactive web pages so that any computer, tablet or smartphone can have full access, password permitting. This brings a whole new level of convenience to greenhouse control systems.

General features of the Multigrow system include an astronomical clock (auto sunrise/sunset), interface to wi-fi tablet, multi-level access password, and it is easy to install, use, service and expand.

For climate control, the Multigrow can control roof and side vents, fan/pad evaporative coolers, heatpump heating, cooling and dehumidification, weather station, influences for RH and solar, hydronic heating (on/off),CO2 injection, fogging, screens and watering.

For fertigation, the Multigrow can handle 10 recipes, 10 stock solutions, 10 valve groups, 300 valves with a maximum of five time periods, calendar scheduling (start/stop times), and built-in blend function.
Hydroponic dosing can be batch or continuous, up to 10 stock tanks, proportional dose size, fail safes are built in, and calendar scheduling.
Autogrow also makes a range of stand-alone small controllers for hydroponic dosing, fogging and screen automation.

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17 September 2013