Name change for billion dollar industry

The Australian Hydroponic & Greenhouse Association (AHGA) has changed its name to Protected Cropping Australia (PCA) by a unanimous membership vote at the recent Annual General Meeting held in Melbourne. The name change is the first step in reflecting the broader Australian hydroponic and greenhouse industry through transition from an incorporated association to a professional board structure.

The Australian protected cropping industry is valued at $1.3 billion farm-gate value and consists of over 1,600 growers in 1,300ha. These industry changes have been anticipated for some time now when it was acknowledged that the broader industry deserved equitable representation at a national level, most notably the cut-flower sector that produces the great majority of product in some form of protected cropping system. Cut-flowers are currently only represented at state, regional or commodity level, and the new PCA structure reserves a minimum of two executive director positions to provide opportunity for national advocacy. Additionally, the new PCA structure provides for two executive directors for vegetables, lettuce/herbs, and allied trade to ensure equitable industry representation.

Because the AHGA was incorporated in NSW, an extraordinary general meeting must be held there to adopt the new constitution and board structure. This is planned for 11 November 2010. It is anticipated that Protected Cropping Australia will represent all of the cut-flower industry and jointly with vegetables, lettuce/herbs and allied trade, the new body will provide a greater critical mass for representation to government at all levels and deliver better, more comprehensive and targeted services to its broad membership.

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