National Conference for Hydroponic and Greenhouse Growers

The Protected Cropping Australia Conference will be held from 3-6 July 2011 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, the most environmentally responsible convention centre in Australia.

Formerly the Australian Hydroponic & Greenhouse Conference, this is the eleventh such biennial national conference. In part, Adelaide has been chosen because it has the highest concentration of greenhouses in Australia and many growers are upgrading and expanding.

The conference starts on Sunday, with the opening of the trade exhibition, which covers a wide range of industry trades, including greenhouses, irrigation and climate controllers, movable screens, seeds, fertilisers, chemicals, growing media, propagators, IPM specialists, etc. The exhibition remains open for delegates through Monday and Tuesday.

Lectures and workshops are held all day Monday and Tuesday covering a wide range of advanced topics, but also interesting newer areas such as green roofs, aquaponics, and organic hydroponics.

Plenty of greenhouse growers in Adelaide still grow in the soil, but many are interested in changing to hydroponics. Consequently, part of the conference will concentrate on providing a range of fundamental topics to help new and intending growers, who are particularly welcome.

On Wednesday, delegates have the option of going on an all day farm tour.

Networking is a valuable aspect of these conferences, and there are many opportunities to meet other delegates. Lunch and tea breaks are long enough to maximise time with exhibitors, growers, and experts. There are also great social functions, including a welcome reception and conference banquet dinner.

For further information contact the conference organiser:
Rick Donnan, Protected Cropping Australia Conference
Ph +61 (0)2 4567-7960   Fax +61 (0)2 8569-1064