New 25% more efficient Philips LED module

Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, is introducing a new GreenPower LED production module for multilayer applications. The new solution is especially advantageous in vertical city farms as well as for the propagation of young plants.  It offers more control, improved and uniform crop quality and energy savings of up to 75%. The energy-efficient LEDs also give off less heat and create a more uniform light distribution, making the module ideal for conditioned environments.

Although this new GreenPower production module uses only 23 W – its predecessor used 32 W – it still produces the same 50 micromol output, and therefore increases yield and quality. And it reduces energy costs by up to 75% compared to fluorescent lamps, making it the most energy-efficient LED solution in this category.

Several spectral versions of the GreenPower LED production module have been developed, with different colours for different growing requirements. With these versions, Philips can offer the best ‘light recipe’ – dedicated combinations of spectrum, intensity, moment of lighting, uniformity and positioning – for each situation. These light recipes make it possible to steer specific plant characteristics such as compactness, colour intensity and branch development, resulting in optimised crop yield and quality.

The GreenPower LED production module has been successfully proven in many full-scale commercial applications, including lettuce plant propagation in the Netherlands, multiple crops in the USA, and leafy vegetables in Japan. All these commercial applications report significant increases in yield and quality.

The GreenPower LED production module can be used in a new installation, as a replacement for fluorescent lamps or as an energy-efficient supplement to natural daylight. It can even be used in greenhouses and in conditioned environments, which are not suited to conventional lighting, thanks to its significantly lower heat radiation.

For more information, contact: Philips Horticulture LED Solutions, Marjan Welvaarts, Global Marcom Manager. Ph.: +31 (0)6 1504 3893, Email:  Website:  Ω

Posted 25 January 2015