New automatic pollination system

For pollination in greenhouses and for growing tomatoes in particular bumblebees are often used. This very natural and simple way of pollination provides very good results. Unfortunately, the use of bumblebees for pollination is not possible or allowed everywhere. Now, Netherlands-based company Metazet / FormFlex, a global market leader in a range of cultivation and support materials for modern glasshouse horticulture, has a solution to labour-intensive manual pollination.

For seed selection companies using the bumblebees is not always possible. Because of the small areas and the diversity of crops in the greenhouse, the chances of cross-pollination are very high. In these cases pollination will be performed by using so called vibrating sticks. This process is very labour intensive.

In Australia the pollination is also done by hand. The use of bumblebees is not allowed here, because the bumblebee isn’t naturally present. Stringent safety requirements relating to diseases and pests close the door on importing these bumblebees.

Metazet / FormFlex now has a solution to this labour-intensive manual pollination. The new automatic vibratory system of Metazet / FormFlex let the crop wires automatically vibrate with the help of a small motor and a across the greenhouse tensioned vibration wire. This new system requires only a small investment and instantly delivers a large labour savings. A test setup installed at the firm Schenkeveld in Den Hoorn (NL) has been extensively tested and works satisfactorily.

The first system has been delivered and installed via KUBO Greenhouses at d’Vine Ripe, an Australian tomato grower.

Metazet / FormFlex is present at the AIS Greenworks Protected Cropping Australia Conference 2015. You can find them at this exhibition (booth nr. 59) from 5-8 July at the Jupiters Gold Coast Convention Centre.

For more information, contact: Metazet / FormFlex, De Lierseweg 6, 2291 PD Wateringen (NL), Ph: +31174-225822, email:

Posted 6 June 2015