New direct solar desalination technology

Australian company, F CUBED, has signed an $11 million MOU to supply pure, clean drinking water to the South Australian town of Ceduna using its breakthrough Carocell solar desalination technology. This Australian-first has already sparked international interest with organisations in 20 different countries, including the United Nations Office of Project Services and World Bank, indicating significant interest in the technology.

Carocell direct solar desalination technology emits no greenhouse gas emissions, uses no chemicals, no costly membranes, no filters, no electronics and no ongoing power source is required other than solar radiation. It produces safe, high quality potable water from any source, including seawater, groundwater and contaminated or polluted water. It also incorporates Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology when Carocell panels are in a series, which converts waste brine into drinking water and valuable fractionalised salts (sodium chloride and magnesium chloride – used for dust suppression in the mining industry).

Independent testing by world-renowned engineering firm ARUP found Carocell to be almost twice as solar efficient as comparable products. When combined with ZLD, Carocell is also significantly cheaper than commonly used reverse osmosis technology.

Low-cost, robust, modular solar panels can be ground or roof mounted. The design enables multiple panels to be connected together to produce larger quantities of distilled water from a single source. The panels can be supplied individually or in bulk. Single panels are ideal for family use, a series of panels will provide for a village or the panels can be set up as a large-scale water farm. The unique design of Carocell enables rainfall to be captured and harvested as well.

Carocell’s increased efficiency over other solar distillation products is a combination of the proprietary materials used to dramatically increase the temperature of the feed water on the solar collector, which enhances the evaporation/condensation processes inside the panel. Additionally, the sophisticated geometrical design allows for easy maintenance, optimum performance and a self-controlling natural convection loop, enabling widely superior energy recovery.

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