New greenhouse management intro course from Dutch group GreenQ

The Education division of the GreenQ Horticultural Expertise Group in Holland has released their new course program for 2011-2012, which can be found on their website. Some courses are planned to run after the Horti Fair in Amsterdam in early November 2011, so visitors can make efficient use of their time and travelling expenses.

The course ‘Introduction to Greenhouse Management’ is primarily targeting new investors in horticulture and middle and upper layer management staff, who are new to advanced high-tech greenhouse horticulture. Basic technology, crop cultivation and socio-economic managerial aspects will be highlighted. ‘Keep the Growth in Control’ aims to expand and develop technical cultivation insights, to develop better growing skills and to sharpen control skills. ‘Mastering Energy’ is all about how to use energy consumption optimally in cultivation, and ‘Winter Production of Hydroponic Vegetables’ is targeting on growers and farm managers who want to improve their (lighted) production in the months with lower sunlight amounts. Most courses run from three to five consecutive days.

The GreenQ Horticultural Expertise Group services the horticultural industry worldwide with specific expertise and knowledge to improve the productivity and quality of greenhouse covered crops, enhancing profitability.

For more information contact the Education division

Niek Botden



Ph: +31 10 522 1771

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