New parasites expected to improve integrated solution against Tuta absoluta

Koppert Biological Systems in The Netherlands is developing two larval parasites in addition to its integrated system against Tuta absoluta. Koppert expects they will be on the market before the next Mediterranean planting season of summer 2011.

Since the invasion by Tuta absoluta, Koppert collaborates with researchers in South America, the area of origin of Tuta absoluta, in order to develop a maximally effective integrated control strategy and to learn about the potential of larval parasites. This has lead to evaluation of an exotic larval parasite under contained conditions in the R&D facilities of Koppert’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

In 2009 Koppert discovered high levels of parasitism by naturally occurring larval parasites in Morocco and Spain. Since then, Koppert maintains experimental rearings of the eulophid larvae parasite of the genus Necremnus in the production centre in Aguilas, Spain. During the last months those rearings are being up-scaled for commercial releases in the spring of 2011.

Koppert’s integrated strategy of the predator Nesidiocoris tenuis, larval parasites and other Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools, such as pheromones and Bacillus thuringiensis preparates, should result in the perfect solution against Tuta absoluta in the most diverse cropping systems, pest densities and climates. With this work Koppert confirms its tradition of developing innovative, efficient and reliable biocontrol systems.

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