New state-of-the-art greenhouse in Turkey

A new modern greenhouse has been opened in Turkey at the Sustainable Innovation Centre. The joint venture between Sultan Sera Greenhouse and the Sustainable Innovation Centre is the result of a unique and intensive collaboration between MB Holding, Agentschap NL (Dutch Ministry of EL&I), partners of Sera Culture and the members of HortiX. 

The greenhouse came into being following a comprehensive study conducted by Sera Culture, Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture and various specialist companies in the horticultural sector. The result of these studies is a greenhouse most ideally suited to south-western Turkey that utilises geothermal energy. Taking contemporary trends and future developments into account, the underlying principle was one of sustainable production. This resulted in a model glass greenhouse more than 4 hectares in size and using terrestrial heat with the required CO2 being obtained from the spring water and added to the greenhouse atmosphere. The water is then pumped back into the underlying strata. There is also a focus on water management as a result of substratum cultivation (hydroponic growing). The project’s progress and growth conditions in the greenhouse are being supervised thoroughly from the Netherlands by the WUR and the members of Sera Culture. Consequently, the Sustainable Innovation Centre and Sultan Sera can be rightly called Turkey’s most modern greenhouse.

The Sultan Sera Greenhouse and the Sustainable Innovation Centre are the product of the Sera Culture program. The objective of the Sera Culture programme is to set in motion a process of consciousness-raising among Turkish growers and investors in horticulture. At the heart of this is raising awareness that yields can be increased sustainably by implementing the right knowledge, resources and technology from the Netherlands. The realisation of Sultan Sera and the Sustainable Innovation Centre in Turkey constitutes a unique example of this collaborative venture.

About Sera Culture

Sera Culture is an initiative begun in June 2008 on the part of a variety of leading Dutch companies from across the whole horticultural sector. The objective is for wider development of Turkey’s protected horticultural sector and to build up a network and business relationship between Turkey and the Netherlands. The initiative also enjoys the support of the Dutch government and various acknowledged centres of expertise. In addition, Sera Culture is being actively supported by NABSO (Netherlands Agro Business Support Office) in Izmir, which was brought about on the initiative of Sera Culture.