New Swirskii system

Belgium biocontrol company Biobest Biolgical Systems has introduced the Swirskii ‘Long-Life-System’ developed especially for those situations where the grower really counts on the efforts of Swirskii to make a difference and where any adverse climate conditions can interfere with the efficiency of the prey mite and the life span of the breeding sachet. The Swirskii-Long-Life-System can be used against whitefly (eggs and larvae) and young thrips larvae.

The new system guarantees a longer activity of the mites in the crop. Swirskii was already successfully introduced in cucumber crops, but the constant need for reinforcement of new breeding sachets was big because of the short life span of the sachets. Since a cucumber crop doesn’t offer pollen as food for mites, its population structure in the crop isn’t always ideal. Therefore it is common that reinforcement took place each 3 to 4 weeks. Of course, this has an influence on the costs (material and labour).

With the Long-Life-System this is not necessary anymore because of a continuous walkout of mites during a long period. Regardless of the environment and the food supply, Swirskii is prominent and active in the crop, with an excellent control effect.

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