New version basket fans

Vostermans Ventilation has released new versions of their basket fans. The Multifan and EMI fans have streamlined grills, and are also easy to mount. Specifications for the durable Multifan and EMI basket fans are:

• High air capacity (up to 48.000m³/h at 0 Pa)
• 3-year warranty (for fans with diameters smaller than 1 metre)
• High throw (up to 146 m)
• Speed controllable
• Simple, user-friendly construction
• High efficiency (Watt/m³)
• Low noise level
• Insulation class IP55.

High quality Vostermans’ basket fans are available in a large range of frequencies, voltages, dimensions and materials (plastic and stainless steel impellers). These recirculation fans can be used in the horticulture as well as in the industrial field.

For further information contact:
Vostermans Ventilation, PO Box 3025,
NL-5902 RA Venlo, Holland
Ph: +31 (0)77 389 32 32
Fax: +31 (0)77 382 08 93