Perfect tomatoes at the tap of a phone

The Weekly Times reports an investment in digital technology is paying dividends for a hydroponic vegetable grower. James and Angela Moran, who own Lonsdale Tomato Farm on the Bellarine Peninsula, invested $30,000 in sensor technology linked to computer programs and mobile phones.

The program can tell Mr Moran whether there is too little moisture or nutrients for the tomatoes and other vegetables in the greenhouses.

“I get an alarm if the moisture is too low and I can top it up or top up the feed over the phone, or change the temperature in the greenhouse” he said.

Mr Moran said this was the second season they had used the Growsens technology and it was already paying off with yield improvements, less disease and fewer damaged fruit.

“We can also check what has happened over the past few days and our consultant in Holland can log on and tell us what’s wrong,” he said.

Mr Moran said previously they needed to individually check each sensor or check the nutrients in the run-off.

The Morans harvest 5000kg of vegetables per week during the peak times while the figure drops to about 600kg in winter.

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Posted 4 March 2017