PET Bottle Greenwall Project

PET Bottle Greenwall Project

PET Bottle Greenwall Project

Australia’s Greenwall pioneer, Mark Paul, horticulturist and founder of the PET Bottle Greenwall Project, is calling for recruits to make his school community project a nationwide program.

“Our kids are our future and we need to educate them on how to look after the environment, better than we have, in order to provide a healthy living space for generations to come. Our PET Bottle Greenwall Project is a great way to introduce sustainability into the curriculum and also get the kids and parents outdoors and interacting with plants and the environment,” said Mark.

Beyond the beauty of the end product, green outdoor settings have also been reported to appear to reduce ADHD symptoms in children across a wide range of individual, residential, and case characteristics (

Each bottle greenwall utilises around 700 P.E.T bottles (5m x 2m greenwall) and other inorganic media that is recycled packaging waste. The plant collection is also left up to the children who are asked to bring in cuttings from their own gardens or those from their neighbourhood, making each planting palette truly unique.

Teachers, parents, horticulturists or garden enthusiasts can register their interest in becoming a local representative by going to the initiatives new facebook page and sending a message to the team with their expression of interest:

Mark’s goal for the PET Bottle Greenwall Project in Australia is to secure representatives in each state as well as local areas. In 2017 he hopes the project will assist over 100 schools nationwide to take part in the program.  Ω

Posted 30 November 2016