Pick and eat next day

Natural pyrethrum is so old-fashioned that current insect pests have no resistance to it. Every insect you contact with a spray droplet is affected or dead within a few minutes. It is one of the least toxic sprays to use because it is impossible for you or your workers to build up to chronic symptoms level. It is registered for use on every crop.

Success is only dependent on you contacting the pest with a mist or spray droplet. Here’s how to prove to yourself it works — check a small patch of your crop to ensure there are live insects. Spray this patch using your normal technique and equipment. Stop. Have a look at the sprayed area and look for the insects. Dead insects means the pyrethrum has worked; live insects means you didn’t hit them.

If you haven’t got a 95% plus kill, adjust either your droplet size, or the direction of your nozzles, spray another small patch and if this time you are approaching 100% kill you can spray your crop the same way every time and be confident of pest elimination. Don’t spray because it is Wednesday (or whatever day). Spray only when you see pests and need a fresh start.

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