Portable ethylene gas analyser

Making its debut at Asia Fruit Logistica 2013, the F-900 portable ethylene gas analyser has put ethylene sensing into the hands of growers, packers and distributors. The F-900 provides accurate real-time measurement of ethylene gas concentrations, in a compact package suitable for controlled atmosphere and laboratory use.
Ethylene is a plant hormone produced by trees, plants, fruits, and vegetables, that is known to increase in response to plant stress and during ripening and maturity.

At the core of the F-900 instrument is electrochemical sensor technology that offers extraordinary sensitivity to ethylene, with accurate readings as low as 10 ppbv in air.

Until recently, sensitive ethylene measurements were available only through elaborate and expensive gas sampling and gas chromatography analysis. The intent of the F-900’s design is to develop real-world ethylene management applications for the benefit of growers, processors, and consumers.

Ethylene production rates have traditionally required elaborate and expensive sample collection and gas chromatography procedures. The F-900 eliminates the need to take head-space samples for accurate trace ethylene data.

The challenge of measuring ethylene production of in-vivo fruits, vegetables and flowers has resulted in a limited understanding of the phenological correlation of ethylene production over the life cycle of most plants.

The F-900 ethylene gas analyser provides the accuracy and real-time response necessary to provide ethylene production measurements in a controlled environment.

Use the F-900 chamber to measure single fruits (apples, pears, avocados, etc.) left, while performing measurements in continuous mode; or install the F-900 for continuous ethylene monitoring and management.

Measuring 211mm wide x 253mm deep x 138mm high and weighing just 2.43 kg, the F-900 is perfect for applications related to ethylene monitoring, management, produce transportation and ripening rooms.

In addition to ethylene sensing, the F-900 has been designed to carry an additional sensor that measures carbon dioxide (CO2).

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November 2013 / Issue 137