Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses magazine closes

Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses magazine has closed owing to a decline in advertising revenue. According to the latest Standard Media Index (SMI) released in January, newspaper and magazine advertising spend has dropped significantly over recent years. The Index does not include direct advertising spend where the situation is far worse. Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses (PH&G) has not been immune from the decline in advertising spend.

We rely on this only source of revenue to pay our small editorial, production and sales team, expert writers, and modest overheads. Ironically, our readership has quadrupled since we switched from print to a downloadable digital magazine; however, all the indicators point to a declining magazine industry in favour of online blogs, e-newsletters (quasi magazines) and social media, which in the main offer self-propagating information and unpaid content sourced from accredited media outlets

We started PH&G in 1991 when there was only around 25ha under commercial hydroponics production in Australia with a farm gate value of about $30m: at a time when growers kept their nutrient formulas secret and were reluctant to share their hard-earned knowledge and experience with others. It began when few people knew what hydroponics was, and those that did connected it to illicit cannabis growing. Today, the commercial hydroponics and greenhouse industry is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide with these growing technologies widely practised across many horticulture commodities.

Notwithstanding the closure of the digital magazine, our website will continue with news, views, feature stories and events information. The website includes free downloadable back issues of Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses, which not only contain evergreen practical ‘how to’ articles and expert advice columns, but also chronicle the development of the modern-day hydroponics and greenhouse industry in Australia and worldwide.

Every issue since the first publication is also available on a dual DVD set.

 On behalf of our small team I’m glad to say that we are proud of what we have achieved in expanding the knowledge of hydroponics and greenhouse technologies and leaving behind a significant information resource and legacy for existing and future growers.

To our many readers and advertisers worldwide, thank you for your loyalty and support over 27 years of publishing. It has been a wonderful journey, which must now sadly come to an end. I hope you will continue to visit our website and follow our Facebook page for the latest industry news, views and events information.

Steven Carruthers


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