Gardening Under Lights (video)

Gardening Under Lights (DVD)


Product Description

Gardening Under Lights opens a whole new world to horticulture. Discover how easy it is to grow plants using artificial lights. Increase productivity in terms of improved growth and shorter cultivation times.

Horticultural lights can be used to substitute daylight in a greenhouse; to force or delay flowering so crops can be brought to market on schedule, and when prices are highest; and they can be used to substitute daylight in a growroom.

This simple step-by-step DVD video is designed for commercial greenhouse growers and the serious home gardener alike, using either soil or hydroponic cultivation techniques.

Gardening Under Lights teaches you the theory of light and photosynthesis, lamp types, ballasts, reflectors and light movers, planning an installation and growroom, economic aspects to horticultural lighting, and how to achieve the optimum indoor growing environment.

This DVD video does not cover Light Emitting Diode (LED) technologies, which are still evolving.

Available in PAL and NTSC format.

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