Hydroponically Speaking: CLONING (download)

Hydroponically Speaking: CLONING (eBook – download)

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By Steven Carruthers

Format: eBook (download)

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The art of cloning is commonplace in horticulture today where plants are duplicated or multiplied using asexual methods. The procedure involves taking one cell of a plant in the form of a cutting to promote growth into another plant. For the ordinary gardener, cloning is a relatively simple but interesting process normally used for economic reasons to produce more versions of a favourite plant variety. In commercial ornamental, flower and vegetable production, cloning is used to improve plant stock, to produce insect and disease resistant plant varieties or to produce plant species that are more adaptable to the vagaries of climate.

Divided into 10 sections, Hydroponically Speaking Cloning outlines the basic rules for successful cloning, which starts with choosing and creating the most suitable plant material. The esection on setting up offers a budget method of cloning for the beginner. This is folowed by a step-by-step guide to cloning valuable plant stock from cutting to transplanting and growing on. The author discusses the cloning environment in practical detail, and outlines what to expect from your new plants in those early development stages. The last two sections examine growth regulators used in commercial ornamental cut flower production and the ‘Sea of Green’ hydroponic technique used to produce multiple, high quality plant stock. Hydroponically Speaking Cloning is illustrated throughout with ‘how to’ illustrations, diagrams and photographs.

e-Book 2016
Format: PDF (press quality)
Pages: 50
ISBN: 0-646-23283-5



  • Basic Rules for Cloning
  • Choosing & Creating Cloning Material
  • Setting Up
  • Cloning: Step-By-Step
  • Transplanting
  • Cloning Environment
  • Clone Behaviour
  • Growth Regulators
  • Sea of Green Technique