Pulsators for cooling and humidity control

Pulsating Irrigation Products (PIP) specialises exclusively in pulse irrigation technology. The technology was introduced more than 20 years ago and used by growers in the field ever since. PIP’s mission remains unchanged: to solve technical, agro-technical, and economical problems of conventional irrigation systems using cost-efficient and water-saving pulsating irrigation products. The flow of conventional irrigation devices is about 10-50 times higher than that needed to meet crops water requirements.

Due to the high flow usually required to operate these devices, irrigation systems are divided into a number of groups, each of which operates separately. This is commonly referred to as ‘irrigation in sets’. Such a design is what makes irrigation systems complicated, expensive and inefficient, and susceptible to water wastage and excessive loss.

PIP has now introduced Series 100 Pulsators used for cooling and humidity control in greenhouses. The Pulsator®, which can operate with a spinner or with a mister, operates at a flow of 4 L/h.

Operation of the micro-pulsating sprinkler system before hot temperatures build-up in the greenhouse creates good climatic conditions, allowing crops and plants to keep cool during peak temperatures. The drop size is ideal for cooling the plants without creating any growing hazards. The very low water application rate prevents an excessive wetting of the soil or medium.

Use of the Pulsator with mister maintains the required moisture of foliage and plant media over the necessary period of time without deep percolation. The advantages are:

• Because the Pulsators operate at very low flow and at very low application rate, the system can operate continuously many hours, without flooding the greenhouse.

• Since each PIP Pulsator is also a preset normally closed valve, at the end of each irrigation cycle all the pipes remains full of water (and pressurised)

• All the Pulsators in the greenhouse, regardless of its size, can operate simultaneously and be controlled by using only one main valve (a timer or a thermostat).

• The water supply system, which includes: the pump, the filter system, the pipes and the fittings are relatively small and much less expensive to purchase, install and maintain.

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