PyGanic – broad spectrum insect control

At the recent Protected Cropping Australia trade show, Organic Crop Protectants showcased its new PyGanic® organic insecticide for broad spectrum insect control. PyGanic is based on natural pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemum daisies grown in Tasmania and other parts of the world. It has no residues so can be used up to the day of harvest.

PyGanic is a fast knockdown insecticide making it compatible with IPM due to the fact that no residues remain after spraying. The product is a known insecticide resistance breaker because the natural variation of pyrethrins in the product prevents insects building any resistance.

PyGanic is the only IFOAM, NOP, BioGro and BFA Registered organic pyrethrum insecticide because it does not contain Piperenoyl butoxide (PBO) or other prohibited solvents. This means it is suitable for use on organic farms.

For best performance, OCP recommend buffering the pH of the PyGanic spray solution to 5.5-7.0, and to apply the solution with Synertrol Horti Oil. Monitor for insects and apply the spray early in the pest insect life stage.

PyGanic is a contact insecticide and good coverage is key. Consider early morning, late evening or night application.

Pyganic can be tank mixed with AzaMax for hard-to-kill insects. Apply to pest insects when they are most active.

AzaMax is another of nature’s insecticides. It contains bontanical oils and concentrated botanical extracts from the neem tree (Azadirachta indica A.Juss). Azadirachtin is one of the most widely researched botanical extracts in the world and controls insects by disrupting the hormonal systems that regulate feeding, growth, development and reproduction. AzaMax affected insects stop feeding, stop moulting (stop growing) and lose interest in mating and egg laying.

OCP is best known for Eco-oil, Australia’s first botanical organic miticide/insecticide made from 100% Australian-grown oils. Eco-oil controls a broad range of insects, including scale, mites, aphids, whitefly and leafminer. Because Eco-oil uses light botanical oils that boil off plant surfaces fast, there is less risk of burning foliage with Eco-oil than with white oil and other mineral/petroleum oil sprays. This also allows Eco-oil to carry no withholding period for edible crops.

OCP has an enviable reputation as an innovator and developer of organic crop protectants with a focus on Research and Development. The company rigorously test their products for consistency, safety and efficacy to maintain its reputation for quality products backed by a high level of technical support.

The company is focused on food production that supports bio-diversity and builds the fertility and stability of our ancient and fragile soils. They believe agroecology and restorative agricultural practices are the cornerstone of the continuing prosperity of Australian Agriculture and its image as a supplier of ‘Clean & Green’ produce.

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24 September 2013