Say goodbye to the stress of inconsistent nutrient feeding

The majority of growers in horticulture and hydroponics understand that a crucial part of optimising crop performance and profit returns is by providing the correct balance of crop nutrition in the feed system. Without the correct nutrient balance, plants become stressed; growth is slowed and disease becomes prevalent. This can also result in fewer crop cycles per year.

Bluelab Corporation Limited, leaders in the manufacture of hydroponics measuring equipment, are always looking at new and better ways to make nutrient feeding for commercial growers an easy, stress-free and more accurate process.

The Bluelab Dosetronic® offers growers a simple solution for automatic dosing. Simply program the controller with the conductivity and pH values that you want your system to run at, and then tailor the dosing intervals to suit the size of your mixing tank. The Bluelab Dosetronic will then take care of the hard work for you.

The Bluelab Dosetronic has proven itself in the hydroponic market worldwide for over 30 years. Its no-fuss user interface and innovative design makes it one of the most feature-rich, yet simple, easy-to-use and robust controllers in its class.

Getting the temperature of the solution right is important. The wrong temperature can affect the growth rate and the structure of the plant. As well as accurately measuring and controlling conductivity and pH, the latest version of the Dosetronic also controls solution or air temperature.

The Bluelab Dosetronic is ideally suited for re-circulating hydroponic NFT systems. It provides continuous control of the conductivity and pH level of a solution by adding fertiliser and pH corrector into your mixing tank via peristaltic pumps. It will tirelessly control your system 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 12-months a year.

The Bluelab Dosetronic can be purchased as a stand-alone unit, or as part of the Bluelab Dosetronic Peridoser Kit. The kit contains all equipment required to set up an accurate, easy-to-manage, automated nutrient management system for commercial growers.

To find out more about the Bluelab Dosetronic and the Bluelab Dosetronic Peridoser Kit visit their website ( For free quotes to upgrade your growing system with the latest Dosetronic controller from Bluelab contact Accent Hydroponics.

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