SETAC Australasia Conference

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) will hold its 2nd Australasian conference in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, from 4-6 July 2012. The meeting aims to bring together environmental toxicologists and chemists and promote knowledge sharing to achieve a healthier environment. As a tribute to the 2010/11 summer floods and cyclones, which affected many parts of Australia including the host city Brisbane, the special conference theme this year is on the impacts of extreme weather events and climate change on our fields.

Among the impressive list of speakers will be Francisco Sánchez-Bayo (Centre for Ecotoxicology, University of Technology Sydney), co-editor of Ecological Impacts of Toxic Chemicals Australia. (The entire book can be downloaded for free from 781608051212/index.htm) Francisco Sánchez-Bayo will present a paper co-written with Dr Hendrik Tennekes, which will be published in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Chemistry. The paper is about time-dependent toxicity of neonicotinoids and other toxicants, and Dr Tennekes will present it first at the World SETAC conference in Berlin next May.

Dr Tennekes is the author of the book

The systemic insecticides: a disaster in the making. This could be an interesting conference if it focuses attention on the effect of neonicotinoids (see PH&G Issue 121 and Issue 122 – Where have all the ladybirds gone?), and other pesticides washed into our waterways as a result of all the floods in NSW and QLD.

This conference will be of interest to environmental scientists, including environmental chemists and ecotoxicologists; environmental policy makers and managers.

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