Shedding Light on Brella Fields Produce

Cravo_01_webFruit and vegetable growers face an ongoing battle with Mother Nature. Pest and disease pressure, climatic conditions and storm damage can make life difficult, especially for outdoor growers. This was clearly demonstrated at the opening event of the multimillion dollar Cravo retractable roof greenhouse facility near Bundaberg. The night before the event a storm front passed through the area with winds up to 100 km/hr bringing heavy rainfall and hail. Damage to outdoor crops was apparent, with some roads covered in debris from the storm. On the day of the opening a search had to be undertaken for a marquee, which had blown away in the storm, plus a bus was bogged in the muddy parking area and needed to be towed out with a tractor.

Full story by MAX HORVATH in Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses magazine, December 2015 / Issue 162.


The coming storm cell over the new Young & Sang retractable roof greenhouse the night before the official opening.

Storm damage to field tomatoes and tents and the fast recovery at Young Sang & Co farm operation.

Posted 20 November 2015