Specialised greenhouse structures

Argosee Greenhouses has more than 20 years’ experience in the greenhouse industry in Australia. The company is based in Perth but operate in all states in Australia.

Argosee Greenhouses have considerable involvement with the design, manufacture and installation of turnkey quarantine, research and teaching greenhouse structures. The company is presently working with institutions in three states of Australia on these specialist greenhouse structures. Projects include specialised climate controlled growing tunnels, a PC2 research greenhouse, specialised crop-covering shelters, specialised screen systems and tempered glass replacement.

The design work also enables the business to offer affordable structures to suit other greenhouse requirements, including kit-set pipe frame tunnels and kit-set multi-span pipe frame structures that represent real value for money. These kit-sets are delivered complete with all the components and instructions for ease of erection. An erection supervision service is also available if required. All kit-sets are designed to meet the Australian engineering design standards for area A to satisfy insurance and certification requirements.

Design work also includes presenting options for greenhouse cladding materials that can meet often conflicting requirements for light transmission levels, product durability, insulation value, maintenance and cost. Argosee Greenhouses can supply this service and cladding materials include polyethylene plastic, polycarbonate alternatives, glass alternatives and F-Clean for new or retrofit projects. The company also supply the components or complete systems for low-cost evaporative cooling options, including extraction fans, wet walls, piping and fittings and stand alone cooling units.

For further information contact:
Greg Steel, Argosee Greenhouses,
PO Box 45, Walliston, WA 6076
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