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Kumato consumption

Tomato is a worldwide crop and people are eating more and more tomatoes. Why? Because companies such as Moraitis are delivering tomatoes with taste! Two great examples of this have been the partnership of Moraitis Tomatoes and Syngenta to deliver to market the Kumato® and later on the mini or Grape Kumato®. With an exceptional eating profile driving sales for both of these products, Moraitis has doubled production every year since they were introduced and this coming season will be no different.

To keep up with the ever-growing demand the regular Kumato has doubled in hectares of production since its introduction almost 4 years ago and demand continues to outstrip supply. The Grape Kumato, the smaller ‘snack’ version, has doubled production this season and production will double again this coming summer planting season.

“Expectations are that Kumato consumption and consumer awareness will continue to drive the need for more production area going forward. Kumato is now a worldwide brand and Moraitis have been very proud to be an innovator in the Southern Hemisphere,” says Matthew McInerney, National Category Manager-Hydroponics for Moraitis.

“Growth of both of these products has been phenomenal and proves that the consumer clearly is looking for a taste experience and Kumato delivers a truly authentic flavour that is both ‘unique and intense’,” he said

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