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Powerful handheld microscope

Spectrum Technologies have released the IPM Scope CAM – an upgraded version of the IPM scope. Previously, users had to transfer images and videos to a computer for viewing, now they can view them on a built-in screen before they are transferred.

Fine details of plant disease symptoms, insects or anything else too small to see with the naked eye can be clearly defined with IPM’s versatile 3-25X magnification. Instead of straining to look into a tiny eyepiece, the IPM Scope CAM is placed over the leaf and the magnified image can be viewed on the screen or transferred to a computer via a SD card/USB cable. Once the image has been transferred to a computer, it can be magnified up to 300X.

The IPM Scope CAM combines a digital camera (5.1 mega pixels), precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope.

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