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Biobest sticky trap rolls

During the season, in certain periods, a very large quantity of harmful flying insects might appear. Because of this, the biological balance can be severely damaged. Applying the Biobest Bug-Scan sticky trap roll will lead to a massive catch of these insects.

Biobest Bug-Scan sticky trap roll is actually a roll of sticky traps. This roll (like the ordinary Bug-Scan) consists of yellow or blue recyclable plastic, provided with glue on both sides. This glue is non-toxic, water-resistant and does not dry out in warm circumstances. The colour is selected because it is very attractive for most flying insects. That is why they are eager to land on the plastic; they get stuck on it and finally die.

The Biobest Bug-Scan sticky trap roll is 100m long and 30cm, 10cm or 5cm wide. Each roll has a non-sticky part at the beginning which makes unrolling it a lot easier (this part can be cut off later if necessary).

The Biobest Bug-Scan sticky trap roll is mostly used in protected cultures in order to catch harmful insects. Bug-Scan sticky trap roll can also be used in open air, in areas where there is practically no sand in the air.

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