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Cultilene hydroponic substrates now available in Australia

Cultilene, one of the leading mineral wool substrate manufacturers in the world, has expanded their range of substrate slabs. Now available in Australia, the unique and proven X-fibre technology has been improved, resulting in an even more advanced range of stonewool substrates. This expanded range of substrate slabs complements the already very successful range of plugs and blocks for propagation.

X-Fibre technology is unique to Cultilene through its parent company, the multi-national group Saint-Gobain. The unique ‘X-fibre structure’ has enabled Cultilene to design a range of slabs to have a water content range to suit climatic or control needs. Products include:

MaXXima: A very large water content control possibility for vegetative/generative balance.

EXXelent: A sophisticated slab, good on gutters or the floor.

OptimaXX: Previously known as ‘X-Fibre’, is already a very popular slab for all growing conditions and systems.

ReaXXion: The most re-active slab in the range for a fast response to changeable growing conditions.

For further information contact:
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