Tropical Agriculture Conference 2015

banner_top_v2This is the inaugural International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Food for the Tropics and is being developed to meet the need for a high level, multi-disciplinary, international scientific conference that focuses on advances, and controversies, in tropical agriculture research. The conference will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 16-18 November 2015.

The goal of the conference is to bring together many of the leading scientific voices and facilitate cross-border collaboration, new project development and technology transfer—with a focus on the delivery of a diverse range of tropical and subtropical agricultural scientific advances for the food, plant and animal industries.

The conference is designed to focus on research advances within the agriculture industries located in the subtropics and tropics including livestock (beef, dairy, pork, poultry) grain and pulse crops, sugarcane and horticultural crops. We anticipate the research will cover a diverse range of aspects that are both pre-farm gate and post-farm gate but with a clear focus on agricultural products most of which are used for food.

The Conference has secured an exceptional group of international keynote speakers for the program, including: the Hon William (Bill) Byrne, Queensland Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and Minister for Sport and Racing; Sir Gordon Conway, Imperial College London; Professor Wayne Powell, currently Chief Science Officer, CGIAR;  Professor Cathie Martin, John Innes Centre, UK; Dr Donald Nkrumah, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA; Professor Kenneth Cassman, University of Nebraska, USA; Professor Randy Ploetz, University of Florida, USA; Dr Vivienne Anthony, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Switzerland; Professor Graeme Hammer, QAAFI, University of Queensland, Australia; Dr Mario Herrero, CSIRO, Australia; Margaret Stuart, Nestlé, Australia; and Professor Michael Gidley, QAAFI, University of Queensland, Australia.


The ‘sustainable intensification’ of tropical agriculture is the focus of Sir Gordon Conway’s keynote presentation. Sir Gordon is author of ‘One Billion Hungry’ and paints a sobering picture of the challenges ahead: biofuel crops are competing with food crops for a decreasing supply of cultivatable land; demand for resource-intensive meat products is rising in developing countries; pollution, salinisation, and inefficient use of existing water supplies; declining yields in two key food staples—rice and wheat; and how climate change is impacting on agricultural productivity.

For further information and registration contact: TropAg2015 Conference Secretariat, ICMS Australasia, PO Box 3599, Brisbane Qld 4101, Ph: +61 (0) 7 3255 1002
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Posted 15 October 2015