Valentine’s Day with Sara Leonardi-McGrath

Australian Year of the Farmer Ambassador Sara-Leonardi McGrath is encouraging all Australian’s to cook for their partners on Valentine’s Day, trying recipes that use Australia’s best fresh produce to support local farmers. Well-known food blogger, Sara is sharing her favourite romantic recipes with the nation using fresh, Australian-grown ingredients to create a meal that will be sure to set the right tone for your special evening. 

“As we celebrate the Australian Year of the Farmer in 2012, it presents a fantastic opportunity for us to sit up and take note of the amazing produce Australian farmers are providing each day. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to make the most of the fresh ingredients on offer, and create a wholesome, home cooked meal for your loved one,” said Sara Leonardi-McGrath.

“Cooking at home is a huge part of our lives and we put an extra focus on purchasing local ingredients wherever possible. I hope my recipes inspire others to continue this tradition long after Valentine’s Day.”

Australian Year of the Farmer celebrates the contribution farmers and rural communities make to our nation. As part of the program, a range of events, initiatives and educational programs will be rolled out across the nation throughout 2012. With support from sponsors and ambassadors, Australian Year of the Farmer will focus on heightening consumer appreciation and understanding of Australian produce such as food, clothing and building materials, and make the connection between rural and urban Australia.

Those interested can follow the McGrath’s Kitchen blog, which is a meeting place for families alike who enjoy cooking together! The scope of the blog is to share recipes with others who like to cook everyday and care for the health of their family.