Veg consumers shop more regularly and purchase smaller portion sizes

Portion size, packaging, smaller households, a higher frequency of vegetable shopping trips, less structured meals and an eye for value are among a range of factors influencing vegetable purchasing according to new findings in the latest Veginsights report.

AUSVEG spokesperson Elizabeth Cox said any change in consumer buying patterns was key to understanding the future direction of the vegetable industry.

“Households have become less tolerant of waste at home and prefer to visit supermarkets several times a week, rather than buy in large quantities that are more likely to deteriorate within a shorter time period,” said Ms Cox.

“Not only do consumers want smaller quantities of vegetables, they are also purchasing vegetables more frequently. With the majority of supermarkets and greengrocers open 7 days a week, there is no longer the need to buy large quantities of vegetables in one trip,” Ms Cox added.

Ms Cox said the main target audience for smaller portions of vegetables was singles, couples and smaller households, who don’t need or want to purchase bulk vegetables.

“This has created an opportunity for certain vegetables to be packed in alternative portion sizes to reach target markets such as singles, couples and smaller households that have been missing out on their vegetables in the past,” said Ms Cox.

“Consumers want their vegetables to stay fresh, and they know that with longer retail opening hours they can go shopping whenever they want.

“From this research, growers and pack houses across Australia can now take into account what the consumer wants and needs, and tap into an unlocked market,” said Ms Cox.