Versatile pH and EC metres

Spectrum Technologies have introduced the IQ 150 soil pH meter to ensure consistent plant quality. The IQ 150 permits instant, accurate measurement of pH in soil media as well as water or nutrient solutions. This portable meter is the perfect instrument for field work, food testing, soil testing, industrial applications and educational use.

The stainless steel probe extends 15.25 cm and has a narrow point, which is perfect for small plug trays and causes less root disturbance. A durable ISFET silicon chip sensor eliminates problems associated with glass bulb sensors and accurately measures even a single drop of fluid. Furthermore, the improved sensor design allows for sampling on the side and prolongs probe life.

The ultra-rugged meter is armoured in a water-resistant rubber holster and is engineered to withstand a 3-metre drop onto concrete. The probe allows measurements of pH in growing media, without conducting tedious soil sampling and preparation.

The new Field Scout Direct Soil EC probe permits direct measurement of salt and conductivity in soil media as well as irrigation water or nutrient solutions. This portable EC meter and probe is perfect for spot soil salinity testing in greenhouse soil media or turf without conducting tedious soil sampling and soil preparation techniques.

Greenhouse production managers can compare readings from plant to plant and adjust their fertility program. They can make measurements directly in the plug tray cell without destroying the seedlings due to an innovative paired sensor for higher contact and accuracy.

Conductivity (or EC) is the measurement of total dissolved salts in a solution – the factor that influences a plant’s ability to absorb water. In horticultural applications, monitoring of salinity helps manage the effects of soluble salts on plant growth. EC is a meaningful indicator of water quality, soil salinity and fertiliser concentration.

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