Visitor numbers to Technical Trials double

The purpose of the HortiWeek Technical Trials is to provide both national and international horticultural entrepreneurs with the most complete impression of Dutch horticultural technology, where producers and various research centres showcase the latest technologies in practice. Compared to the first Technical Trials, the number of visitors more than doubled with a total of around 850 visiting one of the Technical Trials’ locations. This time the focus was more on opening green sites where the visitors could admire technology in practice at first hand. There was also a route in Oostland with Wageningen UR and GreenQ Improvement Centre acting as the ‘central stations’.

Visitors came from all over the world with the majority of them coming from abroad. The Demokwekerij Westland and GreenQ Improvement Centre ‘central stations’ had the most visitors during HortiWeek and the visitors were given the opportunity to visit other Technical Trials’ locations from these sites. Lans Tomaten and Ter Laak Orchids had by far the most visitors out of the green sites.

“You don’t expect that a product undergoes so many processes in advance. It’s really good to see how innovative products are made,” was one of the visitors’ reactions.

The organisation looks back with satisfaction on the 2nd Technical Trials and hopes to be able to continue increasing visitor numbers in 2012.

“The concept and certainly the decision to add more green sites were well appreciated by the visitors,” said Jan Hugo Nuijt, a member of the Technical Trials Board.

“It has emerged that there was a big difference in the number of visitors to each

site and this is a point that can certainly be improved on. Visitors also expressed the wish to be informed earlier about all the sites so that they could decide better in advance how Technical Trials fitted in with their HortiWeek visit. We will improve these points next year,” he said

The 17 participants in the Technical Trials were: Beekenkamp Verpakkingen, Berg Product, De Gier Drive Systems, Demokwekerij Westland , Flier Systems, Frans van Zaal Totaaltechniek, GreenQ, Grodan, Hortilux Schréder, Jiffy Products, Leen Huisman, Metazet / Formflex, Priva, Van der Knaap Groep, Visser ITE, Wageningen UR and WPS Horti Systems.

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