Water treatment monitors and controllers

Aquarius_3Mention the name Aquarius Technologies at a hydroponics convention and the response you receive may well be muted. The company is, however, fast gaining a following among commercial growers such as Holla-Fresh in South Australia, as a manufacturer of quality hydroponics controllers.

“The overwhelming majority of hydroponics controllers are manufactured and assembled overseas, and the complaint of many commercial growers I have spoken to over the years is the added cost involved in importing these products into Australia, and the difficulty in obtaining spare parts and adequate customer service,” says company founder, Bert Topping, who started the company in the late 1980s from the shed in his backyard.

“Many Australian growers searching online for automatic dosing controllers occasionally stumble upon our website and are surprised and delighted to find an Australian manufacturer of these products.

“I always had a passion for electronics, and every spare moment I had I would disappear off into my shed and work on my next big project,” he says in his typical upbeat Irish accent.

Since the early days the company has grown and now employs 12 full-time staff members at its workshop at Coopers Plains in Brisbane Australia.

“Here we are the leaders in the water treatment industry, renowned for manufacturing and developing innovative water treatment controllers for both the national and international water treatment industries, including wastewater treatment, cooling water treatment, swimming pool disinfection, and potable water treatment.

“Less well known are our hydroponics controllers, which were conceived as an offshoot from our cooling treatment controllers, which required a bleed off of treated water in cooling towers to maintain conductivity levels below recommended levels. After several months of modification and testing we established our first hydroponics controller, the HP1000, and since then we haven’t looked back.

“The new generation of hydroponics controllers are designed for automatic nutrient dosage and pH control for the professional commercial grower. Other features include alarms to alert both high and low levels, lockout to prevent overdosing, flow sensor in manifold to stop dosing in the event of loss to circulation, data acquisition, and remote access via a modem to the controller through our website Aquareporter.

“With further research and development, we are continually developing our controllers and with the help of a little bit of marketing, hope to become more well known in the commercial hydroponics industry, providing our customers with quality products and great service at great prices.”

Aquarius Technologies—now that’s a name you won’t forget in a hurry!

For further information contact: Aquarius Technology Pty Ltd, Unit 1/23 Richland Ave, Coopers Plains, Qld 4108 Australia Ph: + 61 7 3274-4750 Fax: + 61 7 3274-4736 Email: benm@aquariustech.com.au Website: www.aquariustech.com.au/

14 August 2013